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The Massage Description

The Flow of the Massage

Here is the basic framework of my massage, every massage flows together differently because everyones needs are different, so look at this as a general guide.  During your massage certain elements described here may be omitted from your session.  Likewise, by request, certain techniques that are not mentioned here, can be included into your session.  Please see the list of "Massage Techniques" located in this ad.  I'm a professional with 11 years experience and conduct myself as such, so don't hesitate to call me.  I can address any concern you may have, or help you set up your appointment.  
The foundation of my massage is my sense of touch & observation of the oneness of the body during your massage.   By working with inhalations & exhalations, observing the body in general while I work I adjust my approach & depth of pressure depending on what I feel under my hands, fists, forearm or elbow.  My clients enjoy a deep relaxation massage with muscle melting pain free deep massage work.
The flow of most sessions start with massage on the back of the body.  Once you are on the table, draped to your comfort level, I then ensure your comfort with various pillows placed in specific areas to help ease tension.  Typically, I place a pillow beneath the ankles to alleviate tension in the thighs & low back.  If your low back is an issue , most likely i'll place a pillow under your stomach & pelvis to "open" the low back.  Once you are positioned comfortably I start with a unique, slow massage technique that involves the lightest touch to help you slow down, disengage & focus on the relaxing massage ahead.  Normally, I start with the area of concern, but before getting to the circulatory & deeper work, it's important to make sure your body is ready to receive touch.  A resting stroke, by simply resting my hands on a particular area is important for you to evaluate my touch on a conscious & subconscious level.  Once I receive the signal from your body, it could be a heavy sigh, a shudder, among other things; I then know your body is ready for the massage.  While I work your back body I recommend deep breathing, relish long slow soothing strokes & together we will find that perfect pressure, not too light & not too fast, that works just for you.  Experience deep relaxation, stress reduction & easing of any muscular tension with minimal discomfort.  
Your front body is worked on with the same care & attention as the back of the body.   Just like the back of the body, I start the work on the front body with the same soft gentle technique & another resting stroke.  Usually, I work the neck to the shoulders, the chest & arms,the shoulder again to the chest, to the abdomen & pelvis.  The pelvic work leads to the flow of the massage to the lower parts of the body.  While laying on your back, take a deep breath and enjoy massage work on the pelvis, hips, thighs legs & feet. 

Working the front body is just as good as working as the back body...  Maybe better, you'll enjoy the added benefit the opening stretch of your front body with passive releases.  My passive releases Use strategically placed bolsters & gravity help mobilize the low back, hips, pelvis.  Melt into the comfort of my table during a passive shoulder, chest, pelvic & rib cage release to ease your breathing.  This release encourages a deep, natural breath by using a bolster & gravity to free restrictions in the rib cage, chest & shoulders... Passive release is just the perfect way to end your massage.  At the end of your session take 5 and absorb the energy of the experience of your massage before.  Finally, at the end of your session you'll be relaxed & ready for a hot steam towel massage.  Hot steam towels make that post massage sticky feeling you get when you put your clothing on never happen and they just feel great! To help cleanse the body, as I gently reorient you & help you off of the table, let you get dressed used the restroom and see you out.  Until we meet again, Farewell my friend, it was certainly a pleasure introducing you to massage!