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Spa Modalities

  • "He takes his time. You will not feel rushed. He's not on a clock. No. He wants one thing.. for you to just let go. The massage was great, of course. He knows what he's doing. He..."
    Santa Ana
  • "He checked in with me throughout my massage and made sure All my tension and stress was alleviated by the end of the massage. The massage was very therapeutic, but also sensual...."
    Costa Mesa
  • "As a big man, it isn't always easy to find services that are appropriate to someone my size. Conversations with Jeremy assured me that he has experience with bigger folk and has..."

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     Spa Modalities help you enjoy your massage to its fullest!  Which one is right for you?  Contact me, with your questions about modalities and together we'll figuer out which one(s) are right for you. 

Synergy Hot Stone Massage! $25
If you would like your stones warm during your session please allow 1 hour or more notice.

     Synergy hot stones, besides being a fall & winter favorite they are truly revolutionary massage tools.  There is nothing like there soothing warmth on a brisk fall or winter day.  The shapes of these stones are incredible, as they work well with the natural contours of the human body.  These hot stones hold heat better than any other stones I have previously used.  As a result of this, they deliver more therapeutic heat to your body melting away tension and stress. 

Khalsa Therapy $20

     The Khalsa table bridges the gap between stretching and body work.  Your position on the table determines the area that is stretched.

  • Face down you will feel a liberating stretch that will open the rib cage & release the low back.
  • Face up, although difficult for some clients, it releases the shoulders, neck, chest, rib cage, hips & abdominals.
  • Lying on your side is great for releasing the neck, shoulder joint, hips & rib cage.

Mu-Xing Therapy $15

     By offering a variety of tactile sensations, these bamboo massage tools are grounding & extremely useful for deeper work.  These wonderful tool are the perfect size, shape and help provide the perfect pressure to help dissolve muscular tension in the shoulders, low back, legs & thighs!

Post  Massage Stretching $25

 There is nothing like the feeling of being stretched out after a great massage!  It does not matter if you live a sedentary life, or are faithful to a regular exercise routine you'll benefit from my Post Massage Stretching.  It is the perfect way to activate, lengthen and further relax all major muscle groups.

Side Lying Massage $25 

     Try my signature Side Lying Massage during you next session & instantly see why it's the most requested modality that I offer.  You won't be getting this anywhere else I guarantee it!  Side Lying Massage breaks up the monotony of a standard massage by addressing more than just front body and back body.  Side Work, as I call it, redefines what you consider a massage. This technique grants me access to places a standard massage can not address as effectively.  Your inner outer legs & thighs, hips, side of the back, ribcage, neck & shoulders are all given special attention during this powerful treatment!

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