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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is like so many things in life, working out, taking medicine it's all cumulative.  When you have a personal trainer you workout over several days spread over the course of time.  Also, consider that you didn't get out of shape in an hour and you won't get into shape in an hour either it's unrealistic.  It's equally unrealistic to think that the stress or pain you feel is going to totally be resolved.  That too is equally unrealistic for me or another practitioner you'd see.  Or think of the pill you might take every didn't stop at one dose.  Massage is that very same way.  The more regular your massages are the more of a master you'll become over your stress levels and the faster you'll recover from your injuries.  
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Therapeutic Massag
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It's important to me that clients are satisfied with their massage.  If for any reason, a client finds their experience less then they expected, they are encouraged to discuss their concerns with their massage therapist.