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Before you get on the table you should know...

The best massage begins with simple things that help provide relaxation & comfort! I'm Jeremy, I want you help you relax with a fantastic massage experience.  A great massage starts with the booking process, to the intrinsic elements that make up your actual massage.  It ends with you getting up off the table feeling fantastic.  My clients are treated with my friendly down to earth manner & hospitality.  

You are welcomed, and seen to be made physically comfortable during every session with the simple things that make the difference.  When booking the appointment you receive my address & parking instruction and an invitation for a massage at my studio located in Tustin.  I’m located in a private gated community with plenty of parking, it's quiet, relaxing, peaceful.  Inside my studio you'll find the welcoming sound of music & the sight of scenic natural visualizations help create mind/body relaxation.  

Once inside you are offered a seat, water, tea or coffee to enjoy.  Once seated with a drink near by, I'll set the your mind at ease by answering any questions, discussing the flow of the massage; accepting payment for the massage will also take place at this time.  With your mind clear, at ease & payment out of the way, I’ll direct your attention to various elements that will make your visit more comfortable.  

Nothing beats the comforting feeling of fresh clean sheets & towels!  Well, almost nothing, under those fresh linens hugging the contours of your body there's an oversized massage table with the comfort of  memory foam.  I sincerely hope clients are satisfied & comfortable with the table, the flow & positioning they'll be in.  However, this is a good time to mention that I really encourage you to "chime in" with questions or comfort requests at any time.  Relived and comfortable, I’ll show you where to put clothing & personal effects.  Provided are hooks, wooden hangers which are perfect to hang a hat & your clothing.  For small personal items I also provide a valet tray to stow away any accessories like a wallet, phone & keys.  

Covering simple things might seem a little bit trivial to some people.  However, trust me they make a huge difference to a your comfort level during a massage session.  I encourage clients to customize anything mentioned below to enhance their environment; clients choose to do so when they book, before they get here, or even while they are on the table.  With that being said, clients can request to customize or change the music, room temperature.  Also, request a blanket if you get chilled or just want the soft sleepy comfort of one.  If you are feeling discomfort in any position I can change you positioning during a session, or add a pillow or towel to add extra support.   

Lastly, always available at your request is a fresh glass of water, fresh hot or iced tea & coffee with real cream & sugar.  Making a client comfortable with simple things before the massage even begins is the first step to lay a path to letting client's own relaxation take over; thus helping me deliver a great massage that leaves you relaxed & balanced!